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This is the template that rush init generates for common/config/rush/experiments.json:

 * This configuration file allows repo maintainers to enable and disable experimental
 * Rush features. For full documentation, please see
  "$schema": "",

   * Rush 5.14.0 improved incremental builds to ignore spurious changes in the pnpm-lock.json file.
   * This optimization is enabled by default. If you encounter a problem where "rush build" is neglecting
   * to build some projects, please open a GitHub issue. As a workaround you can uncomment this line
   * to temporarily restore the old behavior where everything must be rebuilt whenever pnpm-lock.json
   * is modified.
  // "legacyIncrementalBuildDependencyDetection": true,

   * By default, rush passes --no-prefer-frozen-lockfile to 'pnpm install'.
   * Set this option to true to pass '--frozen-lockfile' instead.
  // "usePnpmFrozenLockfileForRushInstall": true,

   * If true, the chmod field in temporary project tar headers will not be normalized.
   * This normalization can help ensure consistent tarball integrity across platforms.
  // "noChmodFieldInTarHeaderNormalization": true